Inspirational Lies and a Striving Heart

The internet is overflowing with inspiration of all sorts and some, while definitely well-meaning, are just ridiculous if actually looked at and fallen for. Isn’t the notorious “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” floating around still? Ew. Recently, an artsy typography print, complete with a little mountain sketch, popped up on my Pinterest feed stating, “Comfort is the great adventure thief.” Cute right? Go, be adventurous, don’t stand still, book a flight, hike to the top of a mountain… Not so much. Why would comfort ever be negative? Can’t I have both? I have been struggling lately and that was definitely not the “inspo” I needed.

I just completed my first full year in the full-time work force and finally have a new allotment of sweet PTO. I haven’t even seen all of the The Lord of the Rings movies, but I know full well the meaning of “my precious.” I want so badly to take it all and fly to California with Joe and stay in a cute Airbnb in Pacific Grove. I want to whale watch and finally see Big Sur with my own eyes. I want to hike Yosemite and measure how many me’s it takes to wrap around an old Sequoia tree. I have it all planned out. However, other life is happening right now, good life too. My husband is back in school, more friends are getting married, and probably more events that I’m unable to predict. There aren’t enough vacation days for all the joy I want to experience outside work and weekends. Traveling adventures, as badly as I want them, just don’t fit into the plans right now if I am to steward my pool of paid free time wisely. Regardless if my ideal adventure can or cannot happen, shouldn’t I be comfortable here—in my community, my city, my routine, my skin? Can’t I find adventure and fullness right here? Yes. All the yeses. I’ve just had to remember that I truly love exactly where I am and who I am with, and be patient for the day that we’ll go to all of the places only seen in photos.

Right now, life consists of a routine, but a sweet one. If comfort is out to steal adventure, I guess my doors are unlocked and wide-open, but nothing feels stolen. What I know to be a nasty duo of a thief, though, is discontentment and comparison—they can steal sight of all the goodness of being present. Comfort with adventure can be found in living out heavenly purpose where we’ve sovereignly placed. I don’t like to believe it sometimes but I know the truth that if I never see another new city with my own eyes and my passport expires without obtaining any more stamps, He can still use me, still fill me, and still receive the glory I’m made to give.

I wrote this post in fall for The Grit and Grace Project (if you haven’t checked it out, go!) and it is so refreshing to see how the striving parts of my heart have been calmed even since then. Had I up and left and spent time and money on travels I thought would fill me, I would have never been able to spend over a week of rest with my mom after my dad passed or enough time to take as my very best friend gets married (!!!) this summer.



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