A Prayer in Time of Injustice, Fear, and Tragedy Too Frequent

Our newsfeeds seem to be increasingly scattered with headlines of sheer ridiculousness, injustices and far too tragic events. We’re angry. We’re at a loss. Our hearts ache. Our great country has been and continues to go through some certainly trying times and as our home is hurting our eyes are even more prone to be open to the gross brokenness that extends to all the world. Our connection to, feelings about and actions toward wrongdoing and corruption can vary based on our skin color, cities, churches, jobs, proximity to disaster, our pasts, etc. Sometimes we don’t know how to act, how to stand up for truth, unity, and understanding. We just want to see this broken world become new or at least to have hope. We want so badly to travel to bring comfort to the hurting. Amongst new uncertainties, deep concern, and unanswerable questions, this we can know to be true, that God is ruling and his reign is not ending. We can be thankful that our prayers to him are more sovereignly heard and cared for than any viral rant, analytical article, or even well-meaning theologically-sound post. When we are searching for how to act and even for what to think, let us call out to the only one who can heal, the only one who can fix, truth and wisdom Himself.

God we thank you that you hear us.
You haven’t stopped loving this world you created; you chase after each one of us.
You have us and are keeping us. You are good.
Continually remind us that we don’t need to fear but let us run right to you when we worry about the tragedy and brokenness we see around us.
We are thankful for the gift of being physically safe and that if our homes on earth ever become the opposite, the only place we have to go is home to you.
All hope and comfort is found in knowing you. We are secure in your arms.

Jesus come. We are longing for earth as it is in heaven.
Thank you that you know each name on a list that’s far too long-for victims, for children missing parents and parents of lost children, for those who are not heard, for cities torn apart, for each race, for families feeling hopeless and lonely, for the fearful, for law enforcement, for governments, and even for terrorists, make yourself known. Make broken hearts whole.
Lord we pray your deep comfort, unexplainable peace, and unrelenting love be experienced by all people in this time of what seems to be ceaseless hardship across the globe.
Only you can redeem those who cannot see their need.
No issue is too devastating for you to break though.

Let us feel appropriately to the tragedy around us—to feel deeply and not to minimize.
Move us to feel grieved as you do yet not to rage.
Show us what you intended tolerance to look like.
Let all people see and been seen in the beautiful diversity you have orchestrated across our country and our world. Let us see your image in each other.
Grow us in grace, patience, and genuine love towards those who don’t know you.
Remind us of how long-suffering you were with your wandering and sinful people and let us remember where you’ve brought us from.
Please show us how to speak up, how to act against injustice, how to love the lost well.
Help us. Lead us. Refresh our tired hearts. Let us not forget our secure hope. We need you every day.

We are thankful for your grace and immeasurable goodness.
We are thankful that you’re with us now and coming back for us later.
We are thankful that you know what we need when we are at a loss for what to do.
Your thoughts and ways are higher; help us to trust and to rest in you.



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