Grit and Grace: Resting in the Working

Well, I am so excited to say that my first post with The Grit and Grace Project is up! Grit and Grace is a community of women who have found hope in the Lord and seek to encourage all women in all walks of life, not only Christians. Each post is gracious and uplifting, containing truth and life-giving words that are real. You’re not going to find unrealistic steps to happiness or excuses for comparison over there, and that’s quite refreshing. I am beyond glad to be a small part of it.

Grit and Grace has a ton on work life balance which if you’re anything like me, is totally needed. In my last post I mentioned how I recently started working full-time. It’s my first year EVER without a summer break and I am feeling it. All the feels (more on dealing with that loss later). I’ve realized how easy it is to rest in the Lord when life offers you physical rest but what about during full-time work? I don’t want to buy into culture’s lie that busyness is natural and being worn out is normal and okay because goals are being achieved. Frankly, my goals are not work related whatsoever. I want to feel fullness even on days that are physically draining. I want to be comforted and connected with the Lord even when my job does not facilitate just that and I want to see the joy in good and even ordinary things. I know I can spiritually and mentally rest in the Lord but that is so. much. harder. to figure out how when surroundings are all but still.

During this last year of working a real job for the very first time, I have had to learn to find rest while working hard because I can not will life to slow down. I needed some practical things to do throughout the day to keep me centered on what matters most, which fuels me to work even harder and with integrity. Head on over to Grit and Grace (link in first line) to read my little tips and other life-giving words for all kinds of women.



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